Looking For an Interior Designer in KL?

Written by Irene Robinson

There are a variety of options available when it comes to interior designers who are located in KL. If you are looking to create the entire interior of your home or even a small apartment, One Space Design Group is the company for you. They are known for providing cutting-edge design services and are able to help you with requirements. Their portfolio covers commercial, residential , and hotel projects. For more information about the services they provide review their client reviews, or request their portfolio.

Studio Bikin

The city of Kuala Lumpur, Interior designer Studio Bikin has made a name for itself by transforming the inside of a century-old house. The former housing scheme for terraces and the Desa House can be found situated on the hill. Farah is interested in learning more about the story of pasar malam. Farah is interested in the historical roots of pasarmalam chairs. The design philosophy of the company incorporates interior design with art and furniture to achieve an all-encompassing design concept.

Studio Bikin is primarily involved with private homes, but it also has a hand in commercial projects. Apart from transforming mid-terrace houses and newly constructed homes, Studio Bikin has also undertaken furniture designs. Studio Bikin’s retail division Kedai Bikin, located in the same space, is a retailer of locally-crafted home accessories and furniture. It also sells work from Asean designers. It first launched in 2012 with a pop-up exhibit within Publika The shop has since opened as a permanent shop.

The design studio, known informally as Studio Bikin, began as an architecture practice with a few employees in Kuala Lumpur in 2011. Studio Bikin has since grown to grow into a lifestyle and furniture brand. Bikin”make,” or “make” means “make” and is Malay an expression used for the names Kedai or Kedai. Studio Bikin’s aesthetics and design sensibility is in close dialogue with the local culture, discourse and material. Studio Bikin is a well-known company located in Kuala Lumpur, and currently is working on commercial and hospitality projects.

Blaine Robert Design & Lifestyle

Blaine Robert Design & Lifestyle, an interior design firm based out of Kuwait City is specialized in creating functional spaces using The Blaine Robert Design approach. Blaine Robert Design & Lifestyle offers hassle-free interior design. Their portfolio comprises offices, retail and gallery spaces. Blaine Robert Design & Lifestyle is part of the DMZ International Design Group.

The Twin Towers have made interior design in Malaysia an immensely lucrative business. They gave Malaysians an identity and let people to see beautiful sights on the horizon. The world has become more easily accessible because of improved transportation and mobility. There is a desire for more people to explore the world. The revival in the design of interiors in Malaysia was triggered by the Twin Towers.

Xenn Interior Design

If you’re looking for an all-in-one interior design solution located in Kajang, Selangor, Malaysia It’s here. Xenn Interior Design has a team of talented designers that can provide tailored ideas for commercial, residential or themed project. This group is proficient in design and renovation of homes and office spaces and is able to work with you in order to ensure the space is beautiful and functions well.

The company was established in 2013 Metrics Global is an award-winning landscaping and interior design studio. They are specialized in residential interior design, along with contemporary interior design and design of commercial spaces. The team of designers at this firm is able to handle the whole project beginning with concept and design, all the way to implementation, and everything else in between. Interior designers are educated and skilled in all aspects of interior design such as architecture, wet work extension and interior design.

Xenn Interior Design in KL is among the most prestigious interior design firms located in Malaysia. Their staff includes designers worldwide and have the ability to design stunning and functional spaces for their clients. They’re quick and efficient with their process of design, which means you will receive only the highest quality of work. It’s important to choose the right company to handle the design of interiors and construction work on exteriors.

Urban Designs Studio

You have found the best Interior design business in Malaysia If you’re in search of one. Urban Designs Studio specializes in industrial interior designs in Malaysia. They provide a comprehensive service, from the concept development to the selection of fabrics and furniture and construction. The firm is renowned by their attention to details and their innovative way of approaching interior design. Learn more about their capabilities. They also offer a comprehensive range of interior design services to commercial as well as private spaces.

Ben Chua is a Malaysian-born, Singapore-based interior designer who graduated from the Malaysian Institute of Art in 2000. After several years working in Singapore after which he moved back to Malaysia and founded Urban Designs Studio Sdn Bhd. The business has now grown to six entities, including one which is in Kuala Lumpur. The firm also has six branches in the nation, in addition to its KL headquarters.

It is a firm that has a commitment to sustainable concept of interior design. It also has an outstanding reputation in Malaysia. They were able to comprehend our concept of design and implement it efficiently. The studio also helped us save money through the design of specific elements. Urban Designs Studio is a fantastic choice when it comes to interior design. The company is dedicated towards helping others live better lives. You should choose an interior designer KL that is committed to this goal. This will show in the work they do.

Another interior designer that is located in KL which is a well-known selection is AJM Interiors. This company boasts more than 20 years of experience in this field, and has an extensive collection of projects that include commercial, residential as well as international projects. AJM Interiors has an extensive portfolio of work that showcases their unique artistic vision. B&N Design Associates is another Interior design business within the city. It has been operating since 2006.

AJM Interiors

AJM Interiors is an established company of interior designers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Interior design solutions include consultation, contractor selection Monitoring of project progress, and completion. The company has been involved with numerous projects that have been successful and is well-known within the design industry. The brief history of their work and expertise is listed below. The full-service Interior design firm, AJM Interiors Sdn Bhd gives unique and imaginative design services.

AJM Interiors was founded in 2003. Their design team has extensive experience in interior design for luxury properties to office spaces. Their distinctive style has made their brand a recognizable one. They are known for offering guidelines for budgeting and flexible time frames, in addition to adding aesthetics and function in their work. Highly recommended for projects and you can expect excellent outcomes.

Blaine Robert Design was involved in early space planning, architecture, and interior finish design. They emphasized contemporary designs and integrated client needs into the style. They for example, integrated the master bedroom into the first-floor living space. Warm colors were used to provide a cozy space. The design was unique that helped make the space feel like a lavish home. They are a trusted interior designer located in KL because of their years of knowledge.