Tea vs. Coffee: Is One Better for Health?

Written by Irene Robinson

A hot cup of java could cheer you up in the afternoon. A relaxing cup of tea is able to help you relax after a trying moment. And the most recent research concerning the health advantages of each may help you feel somewhat better about these, whichever drink you drink.

The research that appeared to swing betweens the dire warning and cheery claims about what are our favourite carbonated drinks do and do not do, a lot of the current science seeing java and tea is usually positive.

Other studies indicate drinking coffee may stave off Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.

Different studies have led to tea drinkers with lower likelihood of epidermis, breast feeding, along with prostate cancer cancers. Scientists are still trying to pinpoint the precise ways that occurs. However tea, especially green tea, is very full of compounds such as antioxidants, that may restrict cell damage and raise the immune system; and polyphenolsthat are demonstrated to reduce blood pressure along with cholesterol. Additionally, it can help stave away Alzheimer’s diseaseby means of a polyphenol called EGCG, that prevents the formation of plaques which are connected to the mind-harmful illness.